Career Management

If you ask a person why they go to work they will probably say “FOR THE MONEY” Okay, we need to earn enough to pay the rent etc, but deep down, to be happy, our core Motivators have to be satisfied.

So for 8 out of 9 people who said “For the money” would be wrong and they probably have no idea how wrong they are ! Because they don’t know themselves well enough to know the actual truth about why they go to work and what they need from that.

RESULT: 85% of all people between the ages of 25 and 55 when asked said that they were in the “WRONG JOB”

A lack of motivation in our work brings inefficiency, low levels of performance, reduced self belief and a poor self image, low morale, unhappiness, frustration, apathy and even depression, a downturn in health, increased absence and eventual resignation.

When we don’t get what we need from our work those feelings are most often taken home from the office or work place with us and have an impact on our family life. As a result, relationships with spouse, children, parents and friends are damaged.

Conversely, when we are happy, motivated and fulfilled at work, we tend to take those feelings home with us. The benefits of being in the right job and having a happy and fulfilling career go way beyond our working day. Relationships at home, quality of life and self esteem are magnificently enhanced.

We help you to take the right steps to get the satisfaction you need from your present role if possible and if not, we help you choose the right kind of job or start the right business, the one that’s perfect for you, the one you are perfectly motivated for, so you can be happy and fulfilled in your work.

Using our on-line diagnostic tool which takes 15 minutes to complete and provides a 99.9% accurate ten page report, we help you to understand your own individual Internal Motivational Drivers so that you can recognise what you really need from your work. After a consultation of up to an hour on what the report reveals for you, informed decisions can be made with far greater confidence.

Simply e-mail me and request a Motivational Map. Once you have completed the questions you will receive a one hour consultation where you will learn so much about yourself and come to fully understand what you need to enhance your sense of fun, happiness and fulfilment around work.

Paul Ward offers a free, no obligation discussion with you – either by telephone or in person about how you personally can benefit from working with Solace Coaching and the Motivational Map® technology.

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Our Motivation can now be precisely identified and measured !