How I Can Help

B0005497Solace Coaching can help you move forward in your life using a variety of strategies and methods in order to achieve your goals.

Life Coaching – A very broad area that covers all aspects of your life. Often clients will explore life coaching as an option after the free initial consultation. Life coaching can be extremely helpful in remove the obstacles between you and a more fulfilling and successful life.

Time line therapy and hypnosis – Time line therapy is a wonderful tool used with NLP techniques to remove any negative emotions connect with your past. Often these emotions can hold us back from making the very choices needed to move us closer to success and happiness. The use of hypnosis within NLP will also address common issues such as:

The reduction of stress and relieving anxiety

Develop confidence and increase self-belief

Remove addictions and addictive behaviour

Remove fear and phobia’s

Motivation – You make choices every day. Some good, some not so. Some are more important than others such as career choice, starting a new business, relationships. If you could understand clearly what your motivational drivers were then some of those more important choices could be made with greater clarity and understanding. A Motivational Map will guide you in the right direction along with strategies that we can help set out for you.

Goal setting -“A goal without a plan is just a wish” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) How true….How often do you find yourself driving along, walking or generally just daydreaming and you are planning a successful life for yourself and then returning back to the day to day and those plans just fade away? I can help transform those thoughts and dreams in to a tangible and achievable goal and set you on the path to success and happiness.