Motivational Map Consultant

Motivational maps are unique in that they directly support managers and leaders in business as they look to increase motivation and improve performance within their teams. This can be achieved when you understand the motivational profile of your team members and develop strategies based on this knowledge.

What is a Motivational Map?

The Motivational Map is an ISO accredited self-perception questionnaire that is accessed online and crucially focusses on motivation rather than personality. The map helps people understand Motivation at a deeper level and what they can do with that knowledge to improve performance.

Motivational Maps can help businesses with:

  • Significant improvement in team performance
  • Reduction in sickness
  • Improvements in staff retention
  • Recruit the best candidate for every position
  • Understand how motivated their team currently is and where there may be specific motivational issues with individual team members
  • Demonstrate an improvement in motivation and measure the impact in terms of performance
  • Identify the difference between management and team motivation and how each manager or leader can amend their management style to achieve improved performance.

The role of the Motivational Map Consultant:

Mapping projects usually start with the manager or business leader being mapped first to see and understand the benefits as identified above. A mapping can vary in length and depth. From a one off map to a full mapping project that covers the whole organization including one to one coaching sessions with senior and junior management.  All projects will have a follow up session usually six months after the initial mapping has taken place to show the positive increase in motivation levels.

The projects are bespoke to the needs of the business and from the results of the maps but will typically include any of the following:

  • Supporting managers in getting positive results from their teams using information from the map results alongside Management and Leadership coaching
  • Increase staff retention by providing Personal development coaching to grow talent from within to save on recruitment costs
  • Coaching to manage under performance within the team
  • Involvement in any recruitment activity to demonstrate how using the maps will help get the right person first time resulting in lower recruitment costs
  • Deliver workshops based in key learnings for the team such as communication skills and dealing with difficult conversations

Using Solace Coaching as a Motivational Maps Consultant will give you a great opportunity to develop a bespoke package to suit the needs of you and your team. The list above is just a sample of where a better understanding of the motivation profile of your team can take you.

To learn more about how Solace Coaching can support the growth and development of you and your team by using the maps, please contact Paul Ward using the details below. I then will send you a link to complete your own map and would be happy to meet up to discuss your result and give you more information of the role of a Motivational Map Consultant.