Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Whatever level your corporation mat be operating at, there will be times when you could really benefit from taking the time to assess where you are and where you need to be. But how many of us do that? Do you have an external view? An impartial ear that will listen and then challenge you in a way that no one else in your business will.

How Solace Coaching can help...

Corporate Coaching Services

Corporate coaching with Solace Coaching involves getting a full understanding of the dynamics of the team and its leader. During the coaching process we will unearth the dynamics of your team and assess how well it works together, along with their preferred motivators.  This will enable you, their leader, develop reward strategies that meet the needs of everyone and manage in a more effective way for better results and team performance.

Corporate coaching plans usually involve one or more of the following:

The Executive coaching process is series of quality one-to-one sessions at agreed times. This is where the coach can really challenge you as you move towards a more successful role in your business. The real change happens between sessions, but the one to one meetings is where accountability takes place and stretching goals are set.

Often clients find that when faced with a challenge or when a breakthrough occurs it’s good to share. Solace Coaching offers ongoing support via email, Skype or phone to ensure that you stay on track between sessions.

Solace Coaching uses a variety of techniques from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and can offer support with phobias, unhelpful emotional baggage, communication etc. Shorter programs can be used to deal in these areas or as part of your Business Coaching journey.

Often a promotion or a step up in business will result in the need to develop your leadership skills. Solace Coaching can help you develop a leadership style that is unique to you and one that you find comfortable and effective.

It’s crucial that your team perform as efficiently as possible. Using the Motivational Maps tool, we can assess the top drivers, or motivators, of your team and highlight areas where staff members are demotivated. Using this knowledge, we can work to devise an incentive/reward strategy that meets the needs of the whole team.

Corporate Coaching

The Process

Getting started with your Corporate Coaching journey begins with a conversation. From there we can tailor a program that suits you and your business. Typically, a corporate coaching program will follow this process:


Initial contact – This will be a free 30-minute session either by phone, Skype or if practical in person. You will then be able to decide if Solace Coaching is the right choice to make transformational change in your career, business, life or maybe all three.


First session – Your first session will normally involve the competition of a Motivational Map followed up with some questioning about where you are at? What you led you here and where you want to be. Also, to discuss the specific challenges within your business.


Following sessions – Based on the initial meetings we can now develop a program just for you within your business. To make positive change the Business Coaching process would normally run for at least six months to make a positive difference, often this will lead to a longer term relationship.

Corporate Coaching...

The Benefits

  • Improved team cohesion and performance
  • Reduced recruitment costs from hiring the right people, right away
  • Increased bottom line revenue from more effective reward strategies
  • Reduced staff conflict resulting from better management styles
  • Greater fulfilment and enjoyment in the workplace